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Life can get scattered and busy. We don’t want church to be that way, so we organize everything we do into focused blocks of time that we call Campaigns.

Current Campaign: Pray Like Jesus

December 7 – June 6

For 13 weeks, we’ll be focusing on prayer, and how Jesus modeled it in his life on earth.

Events Calendar

Pray Like Jesus Conference

May 9-20

Join us for a time of focused growth, with guest speakers, extra talks, courses, and more. It’s a relatively busy couple of weeks, followed up with 2 weeks of planned calm. We’re asking everyone to plan ahead and get involved in a time of spiritual and personal growth!

Conference Page


You can follow along with current campaigns and catch up what you missed through our podcast.

LifeBridge Podcast

How Campaigns Work

Campaigns allow us to collect our thoughts by focusing on a unified theme. Sermons, our devotional, courses, and other content will all reinforce a singular idea. Campaigns also establish a healthy rhythm for what we do, schedule, and teach.


Each 12-14 week campaign goes through the same basic rhythm:

Regular Routine
The beginning of each campaign will consist of 8-10 weeks of “normal church,” which includes Sunday mornings, opportunities to connect and serve, and some additional structured content for groups and individuals.

Focused Growth
We’ll ramp up to 2 weeks of focused growth that we call “Conference Weeks.” During these times,¬† we’ll offer courses, keynote talks, and other opportunities to learn and grow.

Planned Calm
During the last two weeks of each campaign, Sunday Church will be more laid back. Kids ministry volunteers will get a break. The weekday calendar will be virtually empty. It’s a time to recharge and gear up for what’s coming next.