Church In Culture


The predominant ideology in our current culture can be described as secular humanism. It attempts to distort the Christian salvation schema with subtle twists that we often accept unknowingly. In our post-Christian culture this is a philosophy that attempts to keep the good that Christian thinking has brought to the culture without holding to the lordship of Jesus or the authority of Scripture. How should the church respond?

Notes and Scripture


Freedom – You Can’t Have It All


Today our key word is freedom. We all likely get the warm and fuzzies when we think of freedom. But is absolute freedom good for us? Rationally we would likely say no, but have we allowed our cultural value of absolute freedom to overwhelm our faith.

Notes and Scripture


Deconstruction is a popular term for reexamining one’s faith, reevaluating the staple assumptions we’ve made in our life up until now. Our current culture is enamored with deconstruction, to the point that we have deconstructed staple societal institutions with no unifying concept of how to build them back up again into something better. Deconstructing your faith can be healthy when done properly. Today we will talk through just how to do that.


Notes and Scripture