Jesus’ Absolute Authority


So far we’ve seen the authority of Jesus show up in amazing ways. He has calmed a storm with his voice, healed a leper, healed a paralyzed man, taught with greater authority than the scribes, and cast out demons. In our story today we see Jesus authority even facing insurmountable odds. The deck is stacked against him and yet he prevails.

Notes and Scripture

Lord of the Law

As we advance through the book of Mark we come to a couple of encounters that Jesus has with the Pharisees related to religious practices mandated by the law, or their interpretations of the law. Here Jesus threatens to upend the authority structure and their societal structure as a whole. And it is not received well.

Notes and Scripture

Authority Over Sin

In the gospel of Mark Jesus has been healing his way throughout Galilee and teaching the good news of the kingdom of God. Now we come to chapter 2 and Jesus’ strange encounter with a paralytic. The whole event is a little strange but Mark includes it to emphasize the important truth that Jesus has authority to forgive sin.

Notes and Scripture


The Clean-Unclean Transaction

In today’s text we see Jesus cleansing a leper. But more is happening here than just a healing…as if that’s not amazing enough! Jesus is reversing the unclean-clean transaction. Typically when that which is unclean contacts that which is clean the clean person/thing becomes unclean. However, in this instance Jesus comes into contact with an unclean person and passes his cleanness onto him! This is a huge shift, the significance of which cannot be overstated.

Notes and Scripture


Authority Over Demons

In our next encounter with Christ, after Jesus has gone toe-to-toe with Satan in his wilderness temptation, now he goes toe-to-toe with a man possessed by one of Satan’s minions. We know who wins this battle but let’s see how Mark portrays this victory and what it means for the world.

Notes and Scripture