We’re Making Space for God to Move

We’re convinced that despite our inability, God is working through us to carry out his mission in Burlington. So rather than shrink our plans to fit our own abilities, we’re leaving room for God to do the improbable. We want to be bold risk-takers who never limit God with small goals and narrow thinking. 

For Generosity to Abound

Most people WANT to be generous with their resources but simply don’t have the margin to make it happen. As a church, both individually and corporately, we want to make space for sacrificial generosity.

For Individuals to Thrive

The church thrives when individuals do. We envision a culture where people can feel at home, discover Jesus, grow and develop, be heard, and find their niche using their gifts to serve the church and the community.

For Community to Flourish

It has never been easier to be connected with people, yet so many feel alone. We want people to not only feel welcome in our church, but to walk alongside one another, build into each other, and reach out to those in need.

For the Gospel to Transform

While we are excited for our growing numbers, growing families and new building plans, we never want to be distracted from our mission – reaching people with the transforming love of Jesus.

Sermon Series

Feb 7- Make Space for the Gospel to Transform

Jan 31- Make Space for Community to Flourish

Jan 24 – Make Space for Individuals to Thrive

Jan 17 – Make Space for Generosity to Abound

Jan 10 – Make Space for God to Move

Jan 3- Make Space- Introduction

2 Year Generosity Goal: $600,000

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Funds Breakdown

Our financial goals break down into these 3 areas.

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Church Ministry


We want to continue to carry forward our mission by devoting ourselves to prayer, investing in families, developing a thriving system of groups, and continuing to make Sunday mornings more inviting to the work of the Gospel.

About Our Church



We want to mobilize impact through collective generosity and action. By meeting the needs of our community and investing in local and global partnerships, we want see our collective generosity make a huge impact for Jesus.

About Collective

Brick & Mortar


We purchased a building in 2015, and one of our biggest goals for 2016-2017 is to put down roots by completing the work necessary to open the doors. We want put our sweat into the project, minimizing cost and limiting debt.

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