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Acts 3:1-26

The Event: Miraculous Healing (v. 1-10)

  • Before the healing this was just a normal day for Peter and John as well as the beggar.
  • Peter appealed to Jesus’ name when he told him to walk.

Peter’s Explanation (v. 11-26)

  • Jesus Healed him (v. 11-16)
    •  v. 13 – “servant” – παῖς  means: “boy, youth, child, slave, servant”
      •  In Acts this term is used of only Jesus (4x) and David (1x)
      • δουλος is the more common Greek term for “slave, servant”
    • v. 14 “Author of life” – ἀρχηγός means “author, originator, founder OR leader, ruler, prince”
      • In the context “author, originator” is the best translation.
  • What should their response be? (v. 17-21a)
    • Suffering servant (cf. Isa. 52-53)
  • Jesus’ death was a continuation of God’s plan (v. 21b-26)


  1. We tend to make miracles about us not about the name of Jesus.
  2. We should ask for miracles but remember it is in God’s way and in God’s timing.
    • Healing:
      1. Spiritual Gift (1 Cor. 12:9)
      2. No Formula
      3. Done through the power of Jesus’ name not our name
      4. You don’t take the glory; don’t take the blame
      5. God will heal, it’s just a matter of when
  3.  There is no sin that Jesus won’t forgive.