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Anxiety in one way, shape or form is a struggle for all of us. Jesus’ teaching here reaches through the centuries directly to our area of need. He not only tells us to not be anxious but he also gives us the positive aspect of what we are supposed to think on and seek after.

Matthew 6:25-34

5 questions to ease your anxiety:

  1. Is there more to life than food and clothing?
  2. Are you more valuable than birds?
  3. Ultimately, what good does worrying do for you?
  4. Are you more valuable than flowers?
  5. Do you trust God… really?

Big Idea: Don’t be anxious! Focus on…

  • What you can do for God
  • Living right before God
  • Helping others find God
  • Serving others like God

Action Steps:

  • Look up to God
  • Look out to others
  • Look to the Scripture

Discussion Questions