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Community on Mission: Security in Crisis

Security in Crisis

Acts 1:12-26


  • Post-Resurrection and Ascension
  • Pre-Pentecost
  • Judas betrayed Jesus despite being in his inner circle


  • Judas’s Death
  • Judas needed to be replaced


  • God directed the choosing of Matthias

Big Idea: God will work it out.  Just as God directed the early church through this major decision He will continue to direct his church in times of crisis. 

Three truths to cling to in the midst of crisis:

  1. God gives peace
  • Overcoming Betrayal:
    • Admit you have been hurt
    • Remember everyone is capable of evil
    • Remember all leaders are not the same
    • Remember Jesus is the prototype
    • Seek Christian counsel
  1. God gives direction
  2. God gives the church