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Community on Mission: Continuing Jesus’ Mission

Continuing Jesus’ Mission

Acts 1:1-11

Big Idea: God gave us the Holy Spirit as our power source for mission – plug in to Him.

3 keys to being successful on mission for Jesus:

1. Jesus is the prototype (v. 1-3)

2. Plug in before you go (v. 4-5)

Trap Motives:

  • “Because it is there”
  • Available Resources
  • Duplicated Success
  • Vanity
  • Need

Where do we find the Spirit’s guidance?

  • Prayer
  • The Word
  • Other Christians
  • Circumstances

3.  Get to work… (v. 6-11) 

  • …don’t waste time arguing about stuff you don’t need to know (v.6-7)
  • …for everyone, everywhere (v. 8)
  • …until Jesus returns (v. 9-11)