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Community on Mission: Pentecost Part 2

Pentecost Part 2

Acts 2:14-41

Big Idea: When the Spirit of God shows up Jesus is preached and lives are changed.

Peter answers 3 questions about Pentecost:

  1. What happened? – God poured out the Holy Spirit on all those who believe in Jesus
  2. What is it all about? – Jesus
  3. What should we do about it? – Repent and give your life to the lordship of Jesus and be baptized


Key Ideas:

  1. Many people who don’t believe in Jesus make accusations of Christianity or raise questions that are in reality just diversions to avoid addressing the heart of the issue – that they are a sinner in need of a Savior. If this is you, examine the nature of you questions/accusations against Christianity. If you are a Christian be aware of these when you talk to people, answer them and move on to Jesus.
  2. Contextualization – the timeless truth of the gospel packaged in a way that is understandable and clear in your context. Peter uses Old Testament Scripture and the miracles of Jesus as evidence for his lordship. We need to be aware of current events and our cultural values to know how best to share the gospel.
  3. Repentance starts with the church. Let’s repent and seek God for wisdom in how to best reach this generation for Jesus.