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I Am Saved

By October 8, 2016October 10th, 2016Ephesians, Sermon Series Pre-Campaign)


We all love a good rescue story. Whether it be a superhero saving the day or a relationship being restored despite all odds or a hostage being rescued these stories tug at our hearts. The Bible is God’s rescue story culminating in the gospel of Jesus Christ. This story, contrary to the movies, is real; it’s personal; it’s amazing. Where do you fit in God’s rescue story?

Q: What are we saved from?


  • Death
  • Sin
  • The World
  • The Devil
  • Ourselves
  • God’s Wrath

Q: By whom are we saved?

A: God

Q: How are we saved?

A: Grace through faith

Q: What are we saved for?

A: Good works

Big Idea: Are you saved?

Discussion Questions