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It Begins

By November 12, 2016November 14th, 2016Rise to Life's Challenges, Sermon Series Pre-Campaign)


Life is full of challenges. Whether it be getting a job, keeping a job, raising a family, maintaining relationships, fighting addiction, managing pain, or accomplishing what God has called you to, challenges stare all of us in the face. How will you respond when your number is called? Will you rise to the challenge or will you cave to the pressure?

Exodus 5:14-23

  • The mention of miraculous deliverance provokes hostile resistance.
  • Hostile resistance fractures relationships.
  • Accusation and blame cause doubt in the greatest of leaders.
  • Persecution and hard work obstruct vision.

Exodus 14:1-14

  • God’s plan is bigger than man’s.
  • Fear settles for inferior blessings.
  • Faith annihilates opposition.
  • Faith sees and completes God’s vision.