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Jesus on Mission: Defeating Doubt

By April 20, 2014December 15th, 2014Jesus on Misson Series, Sermon Series Pre-Campaign)

Big Idea: Jesus is greater than all of our doubts.

Luke 24:36-45
Types of Doubters

  1. Empirical Doubter
  2. Disillusioned Doubter
  3. Disappointed Doubter
  4. Moral Doubter

Overcoming Doubt

  1. Get where faith flourishes (v. 36)
  2. Identify the obstacle (v. 37-38)
  3. Jesus reveals himself in the precise way we need to see him (v. 39-43)
  4. It is better to believe without seeing (v. 44)
  5. Accept the revelation (v. 45)