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Jesus on Mission: Seeking and Saving the Lost

By March 30, 2014September 17th, 2014Jesus on Misson Series, Sermon Series Pre-Campaign)

Luke 15

Act 1: The Lost Find Grace (v. 11-24)

Our Salvation Story

  1. We offend God (v. 11-12)
  2. We run from God (v. 13-16)
  3. We repent and return to God (v. 17-19)
  4. God graciously accepts us (v. 20-24)

Act 2: The Self-Righteous Find… (v. 25-32)

Self-righteousness blinds us to grace

  1. It leaves us jealous of grace given to others
  2. It leaves us incapable of accepting grace given to us
The Younger Brother The Older Brother
Jesus’ context Gentile Sinners The Self-Righteous Jews
Personal context Us Jesus
Missional context The World The Church

Big Idea: Jesus is the better big brother – He came for us. We should go get our prodigal brothers and sisters.