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Too often we think of the church as a cruise ship to entertain people rather than a lifeboat to save people. On a cruise ship we think about our needs. Am I having fun? Am I getting what I need? Is this helping me? On a lifeboat we think of other’s needs. How can I reach them? What do they need? How can I help them? Jesus gave us a mission and it wasn’t to be entertained. As a microcosm of the church each circle should be about reaching out and accomplishing the mission Jesus gave us.

Matthew 9:35-38

3 elements of our mission:

  1. Source for Mission – Jesus (Matthew 9:35; Matthew 10:5-8; Matthew 10:1)
  2. The Heart for Mission – Compassion (Matthew 9:36)
  3. The Time for Mission – Now

Big Idea: Your circle should not look the same next year

3 simple ways your circle can participate in mission

  1. Pray together
  2. Serve together
  3. Eat together

Discussion Questions