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Acts 17:1-15

2 reactions to the message:

  1. Receptive
  2. Combative

v. 5 “wicked (πονηρός) men of the rabble (ἀγοραῖος lit: “pertaining to a market” – cognate of agora which means market place)

  • NIV – bad characters from the marketplace
  • NLT – troublemakers from the marketplace
  • NRSV – ruffians in the marketplace
  • KJV – lewd fellows of the baser sort

“When, therefore, Appius saw Scipio rushing into the forum attended by men who were of low birth and had lately been slaves, but who were frequenters of the forum and able to gather a mob and force all issues by means of solicitations and shouting” – Plutarch, Aemilius Paulus (1st c. Greek historian) 

v. 6-7 – 2 accusations against them

  1. Upsetting the order of the city
  2. Sedition

v. 3, 11 – cf. John 5:39

Big Idea: When we encounter unfamiliar or unfavorable ideas we should be receptive, eagerly examining the Scriptures for the truth.

How do you react to…

  • Differing doctrinal beliefs
  • Financial wisdom
  • Differing ethical views
  • Differing political convictions
  • Behavioral corrections
  • The Gospel