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Uncommon Enemies

By June 12, 2016June 13th, 2016Sermon Series Pre-Campaign), uncommon

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It’s difficult enough to love those who love you. Inevitably even they will offend you or let you down at some point.  Here Jesus expands the definition of who we are required to love far beyond what anyone would expect or think possible.

Matthew 5:43-47

Examples of loving one’s enemy:

  • The Good Samaritan (Luke 10:25-37)
  • Jesus on the cross (Luke 23:34)
  • The stoning of Stephen (Acts 7:60)
  • Jan Hus
  • Families of the Charleston, SC shooting

2 essential practices to love your enemies:

  1. Pray for them
  2. Forgive them

Big Idea: Zoom out to God’s perspective

Summary – Matthew 5:48

you have heard it said…

  • You shall not murder
  • You shall not commit adultery
  • You can divorce readily
  • You shall not swear falsely
  • “eye for an eye”
  • Love your neighbor, hate your enemy

I say to you… 

  • Anger and insults are essentially murder
  • Lustful intent is adultery
  • Divorce causes adultery
  • Let you life do the talking
  • “turn the other cheek”
  • Love and pray for your enemies

Perfection is our standard

Jesus is our Savior

Discussion Questions