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When Religions Collide

Acts 19:23-41

2 options for what will happen when religions collide:

  1. Public Religion
  2. Missional Encounter

(from Dr. Michael Goheen)

when religions collide…¬†

  1. conflict breaks out (Acts 19:23-27)
  2. people can get unreasonable in a hurry (Acts 19:28-34)
  3. if reason wins out, they are both allowed to exist peacefully (Acts 19:35-41)

Big Idea: Coexist tolerantly.

Coexist tolerantly while…

  1. maintaining claims to truth
  2. living as if the truth is true
  3. insisting that the new tolerance is not progressive
  4. maintaining civility
  5. evangelizing, not proselytizing

(most of these application points are from D.A. Carson’s book¬†The Intolerance of Tolerance)