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Pastor Dave Adams

Acts 12:1-25

Acts 12:1-4

  • Happens while Barnabas and Saul are on the way to Jerusalem.
  • Herod kills one of Jesus’ inner circle members.
  • Herod does exactly what Jesus predicted. (cf. John 16:2)
  • Peter is the next man up!

Acts 12:5

  • Earnest prayer is the church’s response.

Acts 12:6

  • Peter gets a good night’s rest before his trial and execution!

Acts 12:7-10

  • A Miraculous rescue of a slumbering Peter.
  • Peter was used to seeing visions.
  • God’s sovereign will rescued Peter and allowed James to be martyred.

Acts 12:11

  • Peter recognizes that God has crushed the plans of Herod and the Jews.
  • The devil is defeated again.

Vs. 12

  • Peter goes to the prayer meeting as an answered prayer.
  • We are introduced to John Mark.

Vs. 13-16

  • Answered prayer is sometimes unbelievable!
  • Intercessors thought Peter was as good as dead. (“It must be his angel”)
  • Intercessors made the assumption that Peters fate would be the same as James.
  • Learn to pray and be open to God’s answer.
  • God is not bound by the way He did it last time.

Vs. 17

  • Miraculous rescue does not secure future freedom.
  • Church needs to hear testimony.
  • James is the brother of Jesus head of the church in Jerusalem. (cf. Revelation 12:11)

Vs. 18-19

  • Being on the wrong side of God is deadly.

Vs. 20-23

  • God deals with Herod. (cf. Romans 12:19)

Vs. 24

  • God’s word cannot be stopped.

Vs. 25

  • John Mark is in great company.