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Announcement About Giving At LifeBridge

By September 29, 2023Blog Post

Hey LifeBridge!

On October 1st, we’re switching from our previous giving platform (EasyTithe) to Tithely. We’ve found Tithely easier to use while offering more services than online giving. This allows us to consolidate resources and steward your generosity better. 

What we need from you:

  1. Cancel any EasyTithe recurring LifeBridge gifts by October 31st
  2. Create an account with Tithely through our website or the new app

Note: You can use the app for a lot more than giving! Stay tuned as we talk more about this.

1 – Cancel your EasyTithe recurring LifeBridge gift (if you have one):

  • Go to EasyTithe > log into your account > Click “Scheduled” > Click the “trash” icon to cancel any recurring gifts to LifeBridge.
  • Please don’t cancel any Gather + Give recurring gifts you have! They’ll communicate on that at their next event. 

2 – Create an account with Tithely (even if you don’t give online!):

What are your giving options?

  1. Via LifeBridge site: Click the giving form on the “Giving” page (one-time or recurring gift)
  2. Via LifeBridge App: Click “Give” icon (one-time or recurring gift)
  3. Via text: Text “give” to (855) 648-4085 and follow the prompts (see tips here)
  4. By cash or check in the boxes at church or by mail: Please consider giving online as it reduces our administrative cost and can be easier for you, but we welcome your generosity in any manner!

Thank you for partnering with us to promote God’s love in our community. If you have any questions, please reach out to us at [email protected]

In Christ,

Pastor John Adams 

LifeBridge Church