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There are lots of things for us to fear today: potential layoffs at work, your home losing value, the difficult task staring you down, your children making the wrong decisions, the mole on your back, the “who knows what that is” ingredients in the food you are eating, government conspiracies, economic turmoil,  the threat of nuclear warfare, terrorism, disease, astroids… must I go on?   To protect ourselves, we sign expensive insurance policies, use elaborate security systems, take medication, etc.

In spite of all of our efforts, medical advances, and protective systems, fear continues to plague our minds. One study released in 1993 found that the average child in the 90’s was more fearful than psychiatric patients were in the 50’s. Whatever the causes, we as a society are more fearful today than we were 50 years ago.

Imagine if you replaced your fear with faith. What if you countered all of those fears that paralyze you or cause you to doubt with a firm, fixed faith in an all-powerful, immovable God? The Bible has a lot to say about our fears, anxieties and worries. Find out how you can replace your fear with faith at our sermon series starting September 27th.

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Series Outline


September 27

Fear’s Worst Enemy

There is something that fear has to fear… and it’s not fear itself. The answer might surprise you.

Is there a healthy fear? What about the fear of the Lord? This sermon will set the pace for the rest of the series.

October 4

Fear of Insignificance

We all want our lives to matter and have a purpose, but sometimes it just doesn’t feel like it does. We as a culture are enthralled with movie stars, professional athletes, wealthy CEOs, and political figures.  With all of these cultural giants around us shaping the world for the foreseeable future, do our lives really matter? What if we never accomplish something “great”? Will anyone 200 years from now even know I existed?

October 11

Fear of the Insurmountable Task

You’re staring at a mountain of a challenge. Maybe it’s not a literal mountain (maybe it is if you’re into that sort of thing) but it’s a daunting task. How will I ever accomplish that? Can I ever accomplish that? What if I don’t have what it takes?

October 18

Fear of Insufficient Resources

Layoffs are always a terrifying proposition. In most cases it’s not the loss of the job that terrifies us; it’s the loss of resources and the “what if’s” that come with it. What if I can’t afford the car I just bought? What if I can’t afford that vacation? What if I can no longer afford my mortgage? What if…?

October 25

Fear of Impending Circumstances

As we look at the world around us we see so much potential for calamity – the Middle East is a powder keg waiting to explode, I’m a few rouge cancer cells from a terminal condition, the economy feels like it’s hanging on by a thread, the world is one button push away from nuclear war, and… oh yeah… Facebook may inadvertently delete your account tomorrow!

November 1

Fear of the Inevitable End

Benjamin Franklin once said, “In this world nothing can be said to be certain except death and taxes” – true. Death awaits us all. No matter how much we try not to think about it, it looms large. Since there is no escaping the reality of it, is there a way not to fear it? There is only one guy I know that has defeated it… I’d suggest we listen to what he has to say about it.