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Hey LifeBridge,

To commemorate Good Friday this Friday (April 3, 2015) we will be meeting at 3 different home locations around Burlington. Times and locations can be found below. Please contact the church for address information and to inform us of where you plan to attend.

The service will be about 40 minutes consisting of worship, a short reading and communion. At the conclusion of the service we will all be departing together in solemnness as a reminder of the emotions Jesus’ followers must have experienced after his crucifixion. Therefore, time for visiting will be at a minimum. I encourage you to participate in this service, not only in your physical presence but also with your thoughts and emotions. A solemn Good Friday allows us to rejoice all the more on Easter Sunday.

I look forward to seeing you at one of our 3 locations this Friday to remember the all important death of our Savior


Luke and Kinsey Quernemoen’s House: 5:00 pm

Adam and Jamie Cook’s House: 6:00 pm

Bob and Sherry Nowak’s House: 7:00 pm