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Sermon on the Mount


Yesterday we saw how Jesus calls his followers to reframe how we think about the blessing of God. It isn’t the wealthy, the powerful, the healthy who are blessed of God. Instead it is the meek, the poor in spirit, those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, etc. They are the ones who are more open to seeing, experiencing and taking part in God’s kingdom. So we must reframe how we see God’s blessing and what we truly value.

Then, in the rest of the sermon Jesus reframes how his followers are supposed to live. This new life that Jesus calls them to is truly returning to the heart of the Law. It’s not about behavior modification alone, it’s deeper than that—it’s heart change that Jesus is after. His follower aren’t suppose to simply avoid murder they are to not even be angry with their brothers and sisters. They aren’t just supposed to avoid adultery, they are to not even lust. They aren’t just to love their neighbors, they are also to love even their enemies.

Those who are living this new kind of life Jesus offers are to give, pray and fast in secret so as to avoid the idolatry of religious activity to be seen by others and gain their approval. This ensures their giving, praying and fasting are genuine.

To borrow the title of Skye Jethani’s book—what if Jesus was serious about calling his followers to this type of life?

ff to 1:58 for additional content


As you listen to the sermon on the mount reflect on your own heart in light of Jesus’ teaching.

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Matthew 5-7