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Sabbath Practice – what you won’t do


Yesterday we planned a date and time for our sabbath, next it is time to plan out what your sabbath will look like . Planning is super important here. If you don’t make a plan and commit to it you will simply return to your default patterns of working or busyness. Decide how far you want to go with your sabbath rest. Household chores is a challenge. What ones will you not do? Which ones can you still do? If you choose to go as far as not making meals, it will require you to prepare your meals the day before. If you choose not to do things like mowing the lawn, cleaning the floors, or doing the dishes may need to be postponed till the following day or done the previous day. It’s all about getting your work done so you can rest or postponing your work so you can rest.

What about things like entertainment? I’d encourage you to, at the very least, restrict your time on social media and watching TV. Research has regularly shown that social media and being exposed to ads will often increase your anxiety as you compare yourselves to others and desire more stuff, which is kinda the opposite of what we are going for here.

At this point, you may be thinking, this sounds a bit dramatic. It may be, but that’s kind of the point—intentionally changing the way we live for a day to rest and worship, practice what God did in creation and experience the life that Jesus promises us when we abide in him.



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