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Sabbath Practice – plan a day and time


So, if you listened to the devotional yesterday I shamelessly tried to convince you that taking a sabbath day is meaningful, not by telling you the personal benefits of it, but by pointing to the significance it will have for your worship and connection to God. It certainly comes with personal benefits as well, but I don’t think those should be our driving motivation.

Today, lets begin planning our sabbath. First, look at your calendar and pick a day. Ideally, this would be a 24 hour period that you can commit to not working. So look at your calendar for a day off, preferably a day you can rest with your whole household. For many of us in our culture this day is Saturday or Sunday, if you can’t make those work, it’s ok, pick another day. Because our entire culture is not participating in this rhythm, as the entire culture of Israel did, it will look a little different for everyone. In fact this is part of the reason I believe it isn’t required in the NT. As the gospel expanded to other cultures it became impossible for the church and individual Christians to all take 1 day to rest and worship. The same challenge applies in our context. So just do your best to find a day that works for you and your household.

If you can’t find a day, that says something about your current pace of life. Think deeply about what that means. Perhaps you’ve idolized your work or projects around the house. Perhaps your perception of self-sufficiency expresses a lack of trust and dependence upon God. Perhaps you’re just too busy and you need to cut some things out of your schedule. Perhaps you’re just in a crazy busy season of life that will end soon (Soon and end are the key word here. We can easily deceive ourselves into an endless cycle of “this is a busy season” and never rest). If you really can’t find a day, take 6, 4 or 2 hours even and commit to setting that time apart for rest.

Mark that time on your calendar and make it an appointment.



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