Our mission is to discover abundant life in Christ and live it together.

We believe that what Jesus calls abundant life is infinitely better than what the world has to offer in this life and for eternity.

Our Core Values

We seek first the Kingdom of God, and center our lives around Jesus. God’s will is our highest priority, and the primary lens through which we view the world.

As children of God, our connection with one another is more than social. Christ’s love empowers us to love each other like family.

Just as Jesus desires to be with us, we desire an ever-increasing experience of the presence of God, the working of the Holy Spirit, and genuine presence with one another.

We put our faith into action by cultivating the good work of God’s kingdom, sharing the good news of Jesus, and loving our neighbors.

There will always be more of God to discover, so we continually draw nearer to God by exploring His word, experiencing His presence, and examining our own hearts.

We embrace a sacrificial willingness to set aside opinions, preferences, and interests for the sake of the gospel. When disagreements do arise, we faithfully navigate these tensions to look more like God’s kingdom.