Seeking: Discipleship Pastor

We are a young church seeking someone with a call to shepherd and care for the next generation. Someone with wisdom and life experience to share, as well as the desire to invest relationally in the spiritual health and growth of our community.


Essential Functions

  • Pastoral counseling and mentoring.
  • Leading a small group.
  • Leading a lay-ministry team.
  • Care ministry functions.
  • Secondary preaching and teaching.



  • A strong, genuine faith in Jesus.
  • A compassionate, caring, shepherding heart.
  • An openhandedness and desire to understand.
  • A person of prayer and spiritual practice.
  • A servant leader.
  • A commitment to healthy church community.
  • A person who, if married, has a spouse who feels called to participate in the ministry as well.



  • Some Biblical and theological training and aptitude is necessary, but a formal seminary degree isn’t required.
  • 10+ years of experience working in the church or para-church ministry is preferred.
  • A background in Christian counseling, pastoral ministry or spiritual formation is preferred.



  • 15-25 Hours Per Week
  • Largely flexible hours besides Sunday mornings, weekly staff meeting, and monthly leadership meetings.


*Candidate will be asked to sign a statement of faith, alignment with our mission, values, and vision, and a relational covenant.

About LifeBridge Church


LifeBridge Church is a non-denominational church in Burlington, WI. The city of Burlington is 10,500 people. With the surrounding areas outside the city limits, closer to 20,000 people call Burlington home.

We planted LifeBridge in 2014 with a team of 15. We met at a movie theater for 4 years before purchasing and renovating an old storefront and warehouse in downtown Burlington. At the end of 2019, we had around 300 people on a Sunday morning. Coming out of Covid-19, our weekly attendance is once again approaching 200. We have new visitors virtually every Sunday.

Our church’s stated purpose is to discover abundant life in Christ and live it together. We want vibrant worship, discipleship, and mission to come from a context of healthy, life-giving community.

Read our mission, values, vision, and beliefs here.

Pastoral Staff

Our church planted with co-lead pastors, a teaching pastor and an administrative pastor. Both are still serving the church in those same capacities. Our teaching pastor is a 34 year old graduate of the Trinity Evangelical Divinity School. Our administrative pastor is a 33 year with an undergrad in music and a masters in business administration from North Park University in Chicago.

Staffing Model

All of our staff work part-time. Some have other jobs, some don’t. While this presents practical challenges, we love how this model lends itself to a healthy culture around leadership, discipleship, and mission. In addition to our 2 pastors, we have other part-time staff serving in various operational and support capacities. In all, we have 8 staff making up 3.2 FTE.

Go to our team page.

Leadership Model

We are an elder-led church, and both of our co-lead pastors serve as elders. The elder board is supported by both staff and lay-ministry teams. We don’t have congregational voting, and neither do the pastors have veto power over the decision-making of the elder board. We seek to be a community where those in authority lead not through control, domineering, or manipulation; but through selflessness, relationship, openness, and accountability.

Sunday Services

  1. Our Sunday mornings are contemporary in style, but they’re also what we call “low-production on purpose.”
  2. We seek to faithfully teach the Bible with a strong commitment to truth, an understanding of the importance of historical context, and an open-handedness around non-essentials.
  3. We have a LOT of kids. Discipling the next generation is a big part of what we do, and an increasing area of focus.

To indicate interest in this job, please email an introduction and resume to [email protected].

Thank you!